General Consultation

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General Practitioners pride themselves in providing comprehensive primary and continuing medical care 
to patients of any age who experience various acute illnesses and minor injuries.
They are knowledgeable in a wide range of conditions and will be able to appropriately refer to a specialist
if necessary. 
This includes consultations for preventive medical care and information on related health topics. 
Our general practitioners will listen closely while you explain the specific problem before narrowing down the 
diagnostic possibilities and discussing treatment options.
The benefit of seeing a primary care doctor or a general practitioner, is that they can do primary evaluation
of your condition. In many cases they’ll be able to completely manage your condition as well, 
requesting necessary investigations.
Meanwhile, our in-house laboratory and X-ray facilities ensure convenience and speed when it comes to 
diagnosing your medical problem.
We provide diagnostic services like blood tests and x-rays, and treat a wide variety of illnesses, injuries, including:

- Minor fractures from accidents and falls
- Broken bones on the hands and feet
- Small cuts requiring stitches
- Vomiting, diarrhea, or dehydration
- Eye infections
- Rashes 
- Bites
- Allergic reactions
- Sunburn
- Minor burns
- Common vaccinations
- Mild breathing difficulties (like asthma)
- Fever
- Sprains and strains
- Pulled muscles
- Infections
- Abdominal pain
- Moderate back problems
- Respiratory infections
- ENT problems
- Pneumonia, and many more…

02 May 2023

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